Our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

100% Organic cotton clothesLark Organic's clothing are GOTS certified!

Our GOTS certification has been completed! We are waiting on our GOTS certificate number which should arrive in a few weeks!!

GOTS standards are strict and far reaching in that they do not allow any product to contain a GOTS logo unless:

1.The cotton seed that was planted was non-gmo and certified organic

2. The factory that turns the raw organically grown cotton into thread and then knits it into fabric is GOTS certifed and sticks to certain environmental standards

3. The cut and sew factory that dyes, prints on the fabric and cuts/sews it into the final garment is GOTS certified and uses only GOTS certified water based, low impact dyes. 

Our Knit Bodysuits and blankets as well as all of our future clothing are all  GOTS certified organic cotton made with love in India.

You will absolutely LOVE our new organic cotton! It is super creamy, luxuriously soft. All the prints have beautifully bright colors while maintaining their ultra softness. 

We are so excited to be working with this small India manufacturer that has a passion for organic cotton. Know you are supporting some environmentally dedicated, wonderful people in India with every purchase. By the end of the year we hope to have all our products also FairTrade certified. 

We are dedicated to being an environmentally friendly, Earth friendly company!

For our packaging we use 100% recycled kraft paper.

We spare no expense to give you the highest quality by paying extra for lead-free, nickel-free YKK zippers and KAM snaps. 

Thanks for being part of our Lark Organics Family!